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 US Trucks

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10.05.2013 20:22
Payhauler 350 retypes Zitat · Antworten

J for was dismount in parts when j had a flash light on an old Payhauler 180.J told mysself J'll repared and give good look.

Repared the side of the box is pushed by the interior of 1.5mm

to make the installation of the automatique panel

Make a walking

Make realistic tires

To make hydraulique as much as possible

To make a first weathering

The weathering of oil and grease is not made yet

To make a cylindres

J make again keeps muds

J begin the mud weathering ,j applied the first layer of mud

J succeeded has to obtain finish it that j wanted in the bucket the outside.The bucket is not finished it middes has several place.

J finished the weathering of mud ,it is necessary that j remove peaks which are there because j made too thick mud receipts.It remains me to finish the weathering of before truck.

Austrian Connection

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10.05.2013 22:02
#2 RE: Payhauler 350 retypes Zitat · Antworten

ist a very wonderful Project

Kiwi Trucker

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11.05.2013 09:36
#3 RE: Payhauler 350 retypes Zitat · Antworten

Just simply brilliant, the plumming is excellent...Ken..

Cheers from down under.Ken..
From out of the mist and into the fogg


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11.05.2013 20:21
#4 RE: Payhauler 350 retypes Zitat · Antworten

Great weathering on this one! Looks like the real thing!

LG Björn


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20.05.2013 01:49
#5 RE: Payhauler 350 retypes Zitat · Antworten

Amazing !!!

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