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 US Trucks
Bugace ( gelöscht )

29.12.2006 23:59
GMC 9500 Longhood Zitat · Antworten
Thiesere resin lump, hat ich.........

I'll do english!!

Bought this from a second hand dealer in the US a couple of years ago. When I build trucks, I like to build something od, and this ugly duckling is just in my taste. The body is so heavy, that a smal vibration, and the tires goes of the wheels up front.

John ( Gast )

30.12.2006 03:37
#2 RE: GMC 9500 Longhood Zitat · Antworten

Hi Tor
A rare truck and a good paint work but I like the truck without sleeper. I think it's look better. Do you have more pictures?
Bye John

Photo by Johann

Austrian Connection

Beiträge: 4.775

30.12.2006 11:19
#3 RE: GMC 9500 Longhood Zitat · Antworten

Hello Tor,
schaut wirklich klasse aus der GMC,ein sehr seltenes Modell
Lg Günter

Bugace ( gelöscht )

30.12.2006 17:38
#4 RE: GMC 9500 Longhood Zitat · Antworten

Love Your version John!!

When I got my one, the sleeper was glued on it, and it was no way to get it of with out cracking the resin.
Also I don't know that much about trucks, so when I can't get any help from googling, or forums, I just have to use some logic guessing. Not alway right guessing. I still have to add some small details to it, but one day it will be 100%.

John ( Gast )

30.12.2006 17:49
#5 RE: GMC 9500 Longhood Zitat · Antworten

Hi Tor
The truck it's not a modell of mine. It's from a friend of me. If you want take a look at his homepage:
Many good old AMT and other kits.
Bye John

Bugace ( gelöscht )

30.12.2006 19:55
#6 RE: GMC 9500 Longhood Zitat · Antworten

Oki doki!!

Still it's nice! Seems as he know his work. Lot of nice rigs there.


Beiträge: 335

06.01.2007 10:38
#7 RE: GMC 9500 Longhood Zitat · Antworten

Hi Tor

Tahts something special and looks realy grate. It is different from the rest of the trucks, I like it very much. By the way, would it be possible to send me some measures from the truck. I am interested in the width and the depth of the cabine, and the hight and the width of the door.

Thanks very much for your efforts.


Bugace ( gelöscht )

11.01.2007 11:17
#8 RE: GMC 9500 Longhood Zitat · Antworten

Hey Arnd!!

I will. Just give a little time, and I'll manage to get it out from it's hideaway.
If I should forgett, please email me. You see I'm not one of the fastest guys arround!!

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